It’s funny isn’t it how we always tend to do things the same way. I guess it makes life easier.

And yet sometimes we get stuck in a rut and miss out on the opportunity. If you’re in a meeting or group situation do  you always sit in the same kind of place? Tucked away in the back right corner or bang in the middle opposite whoever is speaking?

A friend of mine walked to work a different way from her usual well-trodden path yesterday. It was a lovely sunny blustery morning and for some reason she felt inclined to go round the back streets, a quieter more tree-lined but longer route.

She came across a man carrying a sign. Just an ordinary looking middle aged man. No fuss. No bother.

The sign he was holding said “You are Perfect”.

That’s it. Nothing else.  How perfect is that!

It Hurts

As a seven year old, I had a dream. I imagined that it was possible to heal people by touching them with my magic finger. Later, as a doctor, then acupuncturist , educator, mindfulness coach and course leader that dream is still my passion. It hurts me to know that mental illness is still stigmatised, hidden ...

Eight Steps to Mental Wellbeing at Work

A growing number of powerful reports from highly reputable organisations have repeatedly spelled out the costs to people, business and nation of mental ill health. Excellent research has outlined the main factors that impact people’s mental health at work, what causes stress, leads to burnout and increases the risk of illness. In recent years courses ...