A seven day retreat led by Dr. B in Umbria –  Observer Sept ’15.

Dr B talks to On The Hill about her philosophy – Published September 2015


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Touch to Talk – Published October 2014

A new breed of health therapists is developing. These are highly qualified experts who recognise the profound relationship between body, mind and emotions, and work in ways that address the whole of you, not just the bits your think is broken.



How Smart Are You Really? – Published October 2014

People often worry about how clever they are, as measured by standard IQ tests. But recent research is showing that EQ, Emotional Intelligence, how you deal with feelings, yours and other people’s, is a more desirable commodity than IQ. How do you measure up?


Improving Winter Blues – Published January 2014

A downturn in energy is a natural response to the longer colder winter nights. This article in Vantage magazine discusses some ways in which we can help ourselves through the dark days of winter.