This stand-alone course, which is also a core part of the MMM Programme , consists of nine one-hour modules, and is based on The Mindfulness Playbook.

"The best course RBI has ever run," Senior Manager, RBI

The course combines three strands:

  1. Mindfulness  – improved personal presence, performance, and creativity.
  2. EQ – six science-based competencies that improve communication, empathy and adaptability.
  3. Skill Set for Health  – embedding a human-centred culture where everyone matters.

Participants leave with a unique Resource Kit of science-based understandings, skills and tools based on these three strands.

It is designed to

–  promote mental and emotional wellbeing, especially in uncertain times.

– reduce the personal and business costs of stress and mental distress,

–  improve communication, adaptability and alignment,

Key proven outcomes fall into three main categories:

– Wellbeing

– Relationships and Communication

– Performance

As stress, anxiety, exhaustion, addictive behaviours and burnout sweep through so many of our lives at great  personal and organisational cost, we all need to learn the "how to do it" of being mentally and emotionally in top shape. Especially in the workplace.

MMM helps you dial down that background buzz of anxiety and pressure, handle relationships better, and bounce back from the challenges of life with greater equanimity and calm.

“Leaders for the future know that self-awareness, empathy and EQ are essential. They are realising the fundamental importance of being adaptable, connected, trustworthy.” says Dr. Barbara.

Let's make the world of work a place to flourish and fulfil our potential – human-centred organisations.

The course is based on "The Mindfulness Playbook" published by Hodder and Stoughton.

To book Dr. Barbara for a talk, seminar or workshop, or arrange a personalised one to one session, please email:

What people say:

"I listen better and have more empathy, which, as a manager, has improved my team, how we work together and how we get things done." Exec, RBI

"I found the course practical and impactful. Science combined with a depth of meaning  and wisdom that allowed us to explore some of life's most important questions.  It changed my life. Don't hesitate to enrol – you will not regret it!" Susanne, Barclays.

"I'm calmer, clearer and deal with upsets better." Emma, architect.

"I find I can say what I want to say, even in situations which would have intimidated me." PR CEO

“I’m gobsmacked by the impact MMM Foundation course has had. I am just so much more focussed. I notice all the important little things, like I’m really living my life, now, here, in the present. I just loved it!”

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