Strengths-based Action Plan for Health and Success – STRAP  

STRAP is a four hour workshop in which participants explore how to achieve success without sacrificing wellbeing. They leave with a clear awareness of their strengths, natural aptitudes  and best-fit in teams, an Asset card to remind them of their values, passions, purpose and abilities, an understanding of sleep, nutrition and exercise as essential leadership skills of self-care, easily mastered techniques to ensure mental wellbeing, and a personal action plan to keep them on track.

The Mind Mood Mastery (MMM) Foundation course

MMM Foundation is a flexible nine-module course based on the principles of mindful self-awareness, the six competencies of emotional intelligence (EQ) wellbeing psychology and neuroscience. The Resource Kit built up in the course provides people with a lifelong lexicon of skills to improve clarity, calm and resolve, enhance relationships and communication, and benefit drive, engagement and performance – key ingredients for a human-centred organisation. Spin-offs include increased skills of empathy, listening, people reading and decision-making. The MMM Short-form is a four hour introductory workshop. Based on "The Mindfulness Playbook".

Leadership Presence in Action

Based on the Presence Pyramid, and built up from the six MMM EQ competencies, the workshop demystifies Presence, a key ingredient of influence, impact and personal fulfilment. The MMM model of leadership rests on the principle that everyone has leadership potential and everyone matters. Growth, engagement and trust are a natural fallout of Presence. These lead to accountability, commitment and a positive impact on the business bottom line. Read "Leading with Presence".

Being Your Best Self

All too often pressure and anxiety make smart people seem stupid when they have to “perform” in front of others. Whether it’s a meeting, an interview, a presentation or one-to-one, this workshop gives people tools, skills and a direct personal experience of how to master such situations, say what they want to say, stay true to themselves and have the impact their abilities deserve. Informative, interactive and experiential, the aim of this workshop is for people to leave feeling confident in who they are, comfortable in their own skin and in touch with their authentic power.

Mastering Social-Emotional Intelligence (SEQ)

Having developed greater personal self-awareness and emotion mastery in the MMM Part One, the challenge is now to engage with others in ways that empower, inspire and connect. Understanding the meaning, value and message of the main emotions, we can  leverage their power from a place of equanimity and presence. In action with others, we show up as authentic, energised and aligned. This builds trust so others feel happy to invest their skills and talents, and collective capacity is enhanced. Grounded in the science of human interaction, this workshop is for anyone who aspires to make the most of who they are and who they work with.

The Neuroscience of Being Human-Centred

Some fundamental principles underlie all human behaviour and interactions. We are designed to function best when connected meaningfully to others and when exhibiting behaviours that promote social cohesion. This seminar explains the science behind how you can be a better manager, leader, co-worker and colleague.

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