Dr. Barbara creates bespoke science-based talks, seminars, and workshops about human-centred organisations, corporate wellbeing, stress, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, leadership, presence and mental health. Her events are inspiring, engaging and thought-provoking.

Coming soon: "Get back to Work! : how to successfully transition your roles as a mother and woman with a career to fulfil."

Topics include:

  • FROM STRESS TO SUCCESS: Enabling people to thrive through change and challenging times – an introduction to the skills and neuroscience of  resourcefulness, wellbeing and emotional intelligence.
  • MINDFULNESS 101: A no-nonsense introduction to the techniques and science behind the buzzword, taking it beyond stress reduction to personal fulfilment. Based on her book, "The Mindfulness Playbook," (publ. Hodder and Stoughton).
  • THRIVE!:  What drives you, where are you going and why? Discover how to optimise your energy and make the most of your most precious resource, you. Strengths-based Action Plan for Well-being and Success, STRAP.
  • MAKING SENSE OF MENTAL HEALTH: An introduction and overview of key factors. The common causes, the most frequent problems, the role of management, the potential triggers and how to be a role model for self-care.
  • SLEEP – doing what comes naturally: Good sleep underpins wellbeing and performance. A multi-factorial science-based approach to uncover your natural ability, build healthy habits and get the rest you need.
  • HAPPINESS and BALANCE: What is The Good Life?  What role do happiness and balance have in our wellbeing? What does a life well lived look like? How do you create that for yourself?Explore these essential questions, understand the underlying science and find your own answers.
  • MASTERING PERFORMANCE: Success and wellbeing go hand in hand. How you can manage your energy better, stay grounded under pressure, and perform optimally? The science, the skills, the power of being you. See also "Being your Best Self".
  • ADAPTABILITY: Learn about the soft skills at the cutting edge of engaging with others, successful work relations, productive meetings and customer satisfaction, proven to lie behind company success.
  • BEING YOUR BEST SELF: For women in the workplace. Find your voice, have your say, and be heard with impact, clarity  and integrity, no matter what the circumstances.
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Success and wellbeing are  all about connecting well with others. EQ is key, both at home and at work. By breaking it down into six science-based chunks, EQ becomes a lexicon of science-based competencies anyone can master.
  • THE INVISIBLE CRISIS – addictive behaviours: Whether it's shopping or sugar, overwork, digital devices, drinking, dieting, or drugs, this silent and costly  epidemic in mental health is damaging to both people and business. Based on the book co-authored with Christopher Dines, "The Kindness Habit".
  • BEYOND BELIEFS: Unconscious bias and lack of of presence are "human factors" that make things messy. Connect better across cultures of all kinds, and reduce the risks and costs of unnecessary mistakes and human error.

If you would like to discuss working with Dr. Barbara, please get in touch with her  directly: barbara@drbarbaramariposa.com