Creating Human Centered Organisations

Mental Health at Work
by Barbara Mariposa on September 8, 2016

Creating Human-Centred Organisations

1. The MMM Foundation Course

Reduce stress, increase calm, focus and clarity, and reconnect with your drive and enthusiasm. This flexible science-based programme, based on mindfulness and emotional intelligence, brings staff and managers at every level the soft skills at the cutting edge of success and wellbeing: self-awareness, adaptability, emotional balance and intention.

2. Mental Health and Wellbeing Series:

With mental health now on every corporate agenda, feel informed and confident in this field. Topics include: stress, depression, anxiety, addictions, how to spot distress, what to do to support yourself and others and how to aid recovery.

3.  Mental Health Awareness Line Manager training:

Gain the skills, understanding and competence to prevent and notice distress, support others, and stay well yourself, in a culture that says no to stigma, and promotes well-being and success. Four hour workshop.

4. Leadership Team

(i) Why, what and how to design and implement a coherent mental health strategy, in a human-centred culture where everyone matters. Data-driven to prove ROI.

(ii) Mentoring to improve presence, performance and wellbeing. Read about the MMM Programme for Leadership here.

5.  Mental Wellbeing Ambassador training:

Gain the skills, experience and expertise to create and support a workplace culture of mental and emotional wellbeing. Become a beacon for mental wellbeing, a place of safety for others, with the abilities to spot mental distress, and know what to do about it as a first responder.

6.  One to One:

In one to one sessions, you get practical support to improve how you manage your energy and take care of yourself. We explore how you can rise above challenges, find your voice and fulfil your potential. Success on your own terms. Wellbeing as the key building block.

7. Mental Wellbeing Awareness Campaign:

In-house awareness and educational initiatives to embed, sustain and improve mental and emotional wellbeing and eradicate stigma. (In association with Kamwell Ltd)

With absenteeism, presenteeism, burnout and stress-related illness a silent, invisible epidemic in the workplace, with huge costs, both personal and organisational, no business can afford not to

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