Creating Human Centered Organisations

Executive Performance Coaching
by Chris Davies on August 15, 2016

As a medical doctor, Dr. Barbara is passionate about enabling professionals to sustainably improve wellbeing and success, in a partnership of trust, empowerment and exploration.

Clients learn how to:

  • Intelligently self-regulate emotions and interact effectively with others.
  • Prevent fatigue and burnout, mastering core self-management skills.
  • Boost presence, confidence, and leadership.
  • Be more focussed, innovative, and decisive.
  • Develop lifestyle habits that maximise wellbeing.

Clients may request support dealing with a health-related challenge, relationships at work, or overall leadership, performance and direction. Many choose to undertake modules from the Mind Mood Mastery Programme on a one-to-one basis.

Some clients prefer to use the latest digital and biofeedback technology to support their journey to greater wellbeing and success. A typical programme can look like this:

06 Performance Coaching

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