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    Dr. Barbara is a course leader, coach, public speaker, and author in the field of human-centred leadership, emotion mastery, organisational culture and mental wellbeing.

    "My vision? Vibrant, fulfilled people inspired to produce outstanding results in a culture where everyone matters - human-centred organisations."

    She communicates powerful, important ideas and solutions in clear, pragmatic ways that have sustainable impact.

    Her latest book, "The Mindfulness Playbook", brings you the essential skills at the cutting edge of wellbeing, success and flourishing.

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  • Ten Ways to Enhance your Wellbeing in 2017

    Most people these days can reel off a list of things we need to do to stay healthy – exercise, nutrition, water, sleep etc. The elements of what I call the Outer Game...

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    "The Mindfulness Playbook", based on the MMM course, is now available on Amazon.

    To book one to one sessions with Dr. B to build your personalised STRAP, your Strengths-based Action Plan for Wellbeing and Success, send an email today.

    Find out more about the MMM Programme by clicking on the MMM logo to the right.

    "Mind Mood Mastery is the best course RBI has ever run," HR manager, RBI.

    Clients include RBI, TCS, Metlife, Accenture, GE, McKinsey, the Guardian, and Accuity. One to one sessions can be conducted via Skype.

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    How not to completely crumble under the pressure of the biggest moment of your career…

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